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How to Install
A Dry Laid Bluestone Walkway or Patio


Bluestone pattern stock is one of the most popular patio and walkway materials that we carry at the Colonial Stoneyard. The material is inexpensive and comes in three color choices; natural (earth tones), blue/blue and lilac. Pattern stock sizes range from 12" x 12" to 60" x 48" and are cut in 6" increments. A 1/2" joint is included in these sizes. The stone is very durable and will last 40+ years. Bluestone is a type of sandstone that is quite heavy. Bluestone will not shift and edge constraints will not be needed to hold the stone in place. When laid dry, a bluestone walk or patio will allow air flow and water to reach tree and shrub roots. Bluestone pattern stock would be 1 1/4"-2 1/2" thick so that it does not shift or break.

Using this material or sand and processed gravel is the best way to prepare the base for the bluestone. Stone dust is usually preferred because it packs a bit tighter than sand and gravel.




  • Remove all loam 6" below grade. Be sure that this area is flat and level. 6" is a reasonable depth to assure that tree roots, large stones and water (freeze and thaw) will not disturb the bluestone.
  • When using stone dust,.pack 4" of stone dust into the area. If using sand and processed gravel, place 3" of gravel into the area with 1" of sand on top.
  • Tamp down or pack the area. A plate compactor can be rented for this purpose or a hand tamp can be purchased at any good hardware store. It is important to pack the base to eliminate stone shifting.
  • Fully saturate the area with water and allow the water to completely drain. This usually takes overnight. This process will remove air pockets from the base and allow for excellent compaction.
  • Lightly pack again and you are ready to lay the stones!

  • The bluestone will take up the remaining 2" of your base. Bluestone is usually laid in a pattern or layout. Many customers like to create their own patterns. We can also provide a pattern or layout free of charge- click here for details. The stone should be laid level with 1/2" (+/-1/8") joints. Use a rubber mallet to set and level pieces. Full pieces should be laid first and all cut pieces last.
  • All joints should be filled in with stone dust or sand. Sweep in the stonedust and water into joints gently.

A note on cutting...We are able to cut bluestone to specfiic sizes for you if you give us exact dimensions or templates for curved pieces. There is a charge for cutting bluestone.

MAINTENANCE: Check joints occasionally, especially during the first year after the walk or patio is laid. Refill with sand or stone dust as needed.