About Colonial & Paul's Walls

The love of natural stone and expert skill runs in the family.

For over forty years the Croteau family has worked to make The Colonial Stoneyard in Groton one of New England's leading suppliers of natural stone and landscaping products and services. Now the times have changed, and the family is scaling back the retail operations. Now during this time of transition, son, Paul will be the lead contact and manager of all the business concerns.

Paul has been around stone and the business his whole life. He recalls, as a small boy, how he would watch the company workers building walls, all along admiring the skill and the beautiful walls. The love of the trade and the natural stone is in his blood, as he now is a master craftsman.

He eventually started his own stone business, Paul's Walls, separate from The Colonial Stoneyard, which he operated throughout the 1990's. He worked on many types of projects - new installations with new artful designs, as well as conservation projects for historical and existing natural stone walls.

The impact of the economic downturn which began in 2009 affected the CSY as well as many local businesses. Times did indeed get very hard. But there is new enthusiasm for natural stone in the landscape among homeowners today as each new season comes around. Don't wait to source your stone materials - call us today!





Time to plan on end of season fixes.


Paul's Walls specializes in repair of dry laid walls of all sizes and shapes.
Call for a quote and set up a reservation today!   (servicing local areas only)


We have Native and New England Fieldstone available. It is sorted and hand collected in a mixed blend.

Discounted rates for bulk orders!   (local areas only)

Stop by to see what's in stock

We have limited quantity of stone products in stock, so best to call ahead.

Call Paul directly at 508-965-6838 to find out what is available and get more details on any specials.

You can also leave a message at the office phone 978-448-3329.

Our Services

Wall Installations

Paul and Colonial are expert at building new walls, walkways and patios for all types of projects..

Custom Fabrication

Colonial will custom fabricate most stone products to fit the needs of your project. We custom fit or cut to your exact dimensions, so you get exactly what you need.

Wall Repairs

We also accept repair jobs. We can have your damaged wall, walkway or patio back in pristine condition in no time flat.


Your name, address or favorite design can be sandblasted onto granite or bluestone, granite posts or onto a flat stone surface. Minimum charges will apply.


We have several predesigned layouts and templates to fit projects of any shape and size.

Insurance Estimates

There is a modest fee for insurance estimates which is deducted from the purchase of materials.

Delivery Services

We have small and large dump trucks available for deliveries of bulk products. Moffet truck is available for palletized products.

Call for a Quote

Tell us about your project. Call for more information at 508-965-6838!

Let's Work Together!


At CSY, we work with a wide variety of stone products to cover most landscaping projects. We stock an assortment of natural stone products and have on hand a large selection of New England and Native Fieldstone, plus much more.

We have several hundred tons of wall stone material ready to be installed. Call for details on this stock.

Of special interest are the several unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that would be a great feature in any setting. For example, a beautiful bluestone slab that is nine feet long. This piece has a gorgeous patina and natural moss, and time has transformed this into a work of art only nature can produce. Imagine this as an antique front step - a must see for sure!

Please call about Product availability as some items have limited supply.


We hope our gallery will be an inspiration and give you ideas for your landscaping projects.
Create an outdoor room, add structure and define your space or simply add a point of interest.

Stone Wall Farmers Wall
Old Stone Wall Old Stone Wall
Wall with Bluestone
Wall and steps Wall and Bluestone steps
Walkway Natural Stone Walkway
Steps Natural Stone Steppers
Granite Steps Granite Steps
 Walkway Irregular Stone Walkway
Patio Patio
Flagging Irregular Flagging Installation
Patio Patio
Bluestone Terrace Bluestone Terrace
Granite Steps Antique Granite Steps
Granite Steps Bluestone Treads & Steps
Fieldstone Wall Fieldstone Wall
Fieldstone Wall Fieldstone Wall


We've collected a few commonly asked questions from our customers.
Hope you find them useful as you plan your project.

Natural Stone Walkway

Q: Is stone hard to work with?

A: No, not really. Usually natural stone is used as is, just placed for it's natural beauty. For some applications it may be necessary to cut the stone which is best done by the professionals like Colonial. Most stone is already precut from a quarry, or ordered in the exact dimensions you need. Often it's the weight of stone that makes it hard to work with so it's necessary to have the proper equipment to handle it and extra labor to help. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we often recommend working with a professional tradesperson or a garden or landscape designer.

Q: What can be used for steps instead of concrete?

A: Steps are greatly enhanced by using bluestone or granite as the top tread, or even brick. These materials have more character or style in most cases and often blend more naturally with the rest of the landscape.

Q: What is the best time of year to start a stone project?

A: Many types of projects can be done at anytime of year. Of course some require that the ground not be frozen. Sometimes very wet conditions can delay a project too.

kudos from clients

Thank you so much!

Thanks for all your help with the layout and delivery of cobbles for our patio. It looks wonderful.

Mary B. in Brookline, NH

You guys are the best!

We don't know what we would have done without you. We did not know that leaving the sprinkler on while on vacation would cause all of the Bluestone patio and foundation to turn brown. It was awful. Thanks to your professional crew we now can enjoy our outdoors room once again.

John M. from Westford, MA

Thank You!

We want to thank you for a great job you did on the stonewalls on our property. You and your crew rebuilt and expanded the old walls to make it really a standout. And the new granite mailbox post looks awesome too. Thanks again.

Jim R. in Pepperell, MA

Dozens of Happy clients!